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The importance of proteins in the current weight management market

    Over 2 billion people are currently overweight in the world, and this number keeps growing every year.1 Overweight is defined as a BMI* greater than or equal to 25 whereas obesity is defined as a BMI* greater than or equal to 30.1 Being overweight is commonly known to be a risk factor for cardiovascular […]

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How can dairy products substitute meat products?

Because of environmental reasons, economics, or health, the current food trend is reduction of meat consumption. A lot of diets with little or no meat are very popular for several years. The most commons are flexitarianism (big reduction of meat consumption), vegetarianism (meat exclusion) or veganism (exclusion of all animal-based products). Therefore, according to a […]

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Fighting undernourishment in hospitals

Undernourishment affects more than 50% of patients with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease in France. It may unfortunately worsen with therapeutic management and results in increased morbidity (i.e. amplify disease) and death. These statistics have remained unchanged for 30 years because the assessment of the patient’s nutritional status is rarely carried out. In order to bridge […]

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All about micellar casein

Micellar casein is a milk protein obtained thanks to a non-denaturing process, which gives it a lot of nutritional benefits but also unique functionalities. Find out everything about micellar casein and the needs it responds.