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How to characterize protein quality?

Proteins are essential for our body. While being mainly known for their role as fundamental building blocks for muscles, these proteins compose only half of those present in the body. Skins, hair, sinews, some hormones, etc. all of these are composed of proteins. And proteins have many other applications in the body.   Are some […]

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What is the interest of micellar caseins in sports?

Performance improvement is always associated with muscular development. And for this, there is no secret: a good training and an adequate nutrition are essential. As far as the diet is concerned, it must provide sufficient amount of proteins because these are fundamental building blocks for muscles. For practical reasons, it is often more interesting for […]

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Why do endurance Athletes needs more protein?

Nowadays, it is accepted that athletes who practice resistance-type exercises (i.e. a short and intense sport such as fitness or powerlifting) have particular protein needs: these can be as high as two to three times the recommendation.

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All about micellar casein

Micellar casein is a milk protein obtained thanks to a non-denaturing process, which gives it a lot of nutritional benefits but also unique functionalities. Find out everything about micellar casein and the needs it responds.