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    The correct nutritional balance can assist and enhance athletic performance. Just as a performance car engine needs the right fuel and oil to run at its best, athletes can optimise their performance with the right nutritional intake.   Athletes need higher protein levels than the average person to maintain energy levels, muscle growth […]

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Why should you choose Ingredia’s Prodiet® milk proteins?

    Over the past few decades, interest in animal welfare has grown steadily. In August 2020, the IFOP (French Institute of Public Opinion) published a survey conducted for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation (French Foundation dedicated to animal protection) on the opinion of French regarding the animal condition. Out of a sample of 1009 people, […]

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What foods can help the elderly people stay at home?

According to 2019 INSEE estimations, people over 75 years old represent up to one tenth of the French population.1 Among them, only 10% attend or live in a retirement home for elderly people.2 Therefore the majority of this population remains at home with varying dependencies.     With age, we can see lifestyle changes due […]

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All about micellar casein

Micellar casein is a milk protein obtained thanks to a non-denaturing process, which gives it a lot of nutritional benefits but also unique functionalities. Find out everything about micellar casein and the needs it responds.