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The role of proteins in enteral nutrition

  Enteral nutrition replaces the oral intake of food and drink and is the process of feeding by tube directly into the stomach. It is also known as tube feeding.   The tube is passed through the nose or mouth into the stomach as a short-term feeding solution and can be used intermittently with oral […]

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The importance of high protein and high-calorie products in clinical nutrition and their effect on cancer, kidney problems, and metabolic syndrome

  Protein is essential for good health. The body cannot survive without protein – it promotes tissue and muscle growth and repair, and can help boost the immune system.   However, during illnesses such as cancer, kidney disease and metabolic syndrome 2, extra protein and calories are sometimes required. This can be due to a […]

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The importance of high protein/high-calorie products in clinical nutrition

  The right protein and calorie intake are essential for good health. However, some people with gastric problems that affect the stomach and intestines find it difficult to obtain the amount of protein and calories their body needs through a normal diet.   Protein and calorie-enriched products can aid digestion and help ensure the body […]

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All about micellar casein

Micellar casein is a milk protein obtained thanks to a non-denaturing process, which gives it a lot of nutritional benefits but also unique functionalities. Find out everything about micellar casein and the needs it responds.