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The innovative micellar casein
dedicated to high protein beverages

PRODIET® Fluid is a native protein coming from fresh milk collected in Northern France from the farms of our cooperative. It is extracted from milk in a non-denaturing filtration process in order to preserve all of its functional and nutritional properties. This protein is more precisely a micellar casein, which means that it contains higher levels of casein than the protein originally found in milk. PRODIET® Fluid makes it possible to reach a very high protein content in beverages while maintaining very good fluidity and a great taste. PRODIET® Fluid can therefore be used in various products already on the market, in sports, diet and clinical nutrition.

Up to
of protein

Native milk protein

High fluidity

Very high protein content


The innovative micellar caseindedicated to high protein beverages

Very good fluidity for a tasty and enjoyable product

The more protein there is in beverages, the less fluid they are and the longer the ingredient list gets… PRODIET® Fluid makes it possible to get a fluid finished product with high protein content. Heat treatment stability makes it possible to reduce the use of stabilizers in the finished product and thereby reduces the ingredient list. This allows you to understand what you are consuming.

What is viscosity in the product?

PRODIET® Fluid has a lower viscosity than a standard MPI in a high protein ready-to-drink.

Viscosity depicts the texture of your beverage, the lower it is, the more fluid and pleasant the product is.

Haute qualité nutritionnelle


Promoting muscle synthesis

PRODIET® Fluid allows for a slow and gradual release of amino acids for several hours after ingesting proteins, thus promoting muscle synthesis. The amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are released into the blood stream through the digestion process. Among other things, they play a key role in the building of your muscle mass.


Haute qualité nutritionnelle
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