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Compensating nutritional imbalance

Throughout our life, nutritional needs may vary greatly (illness, malnutrition, etc.). It therefore becomes necessary to adapt your diet: vitamin and mineral supplementation, protein enrichment, etc.

In specialized nutrition, the nutritional intake can vary according to your specific needs. However, there is no doubt on one thing: milk proteins have a beneficial effect on your health. Micellar casein and more specifically PRODIET® Fluid play a role in improving your health and wellbeing.

Milk proteins are known for their benefits on muscle synthesis. The slow digestion of micellar casein allows for a better protein absorption and contributes to the well being of sensitive people. In addition, micellar casein is a milk protein adapted to all ages thanks to its high calcium content.

Advice section

Upon consulting with a doctor, to start the day feeling great, consume a micellar casein-containing product before going to bed. Its slow digestion will allow the body to build muscle mass while sleeping, alleviating the risk of malnutrition.